The Money Ship (K/PB)

Joan Druett has just released, The Money Ship. It is available worldwide  in paperback and for kindle download.

Money ships were wrecks of treasure-galleons belched up from the bottom of the sea after tremendous storms, yielding doubloons and all kinds of precious treasure … gold bars and bullion, chests of brilliant gems.Oriental adventurer Captain Rochester spun an entrancing tale to Jerusha, seafaring daughter of Captain Michael Gardiner — a story of a money ship, hidden in the turquoise waters of the South China Sea, which was nothing less than the lost trove of the pirate Hochman. As Jerusha was to find, though, the clues that pointed the way to fabled riches were strange indeed — a haunted islet on an estuary in Borneo, an obelisk with a carving of a rampant dragon, a legend of kings and native priests at war, and of magically triggered tempests that swept warriors upriver. And even if the clues were solved, the route to riches was tortuous, involving treachery, adultery, murder, labyrinthine Malayan politics … and, ultimately, Jerusha’s own arranged marriage.Joan Druett, bestselling author of many award-winning books, including Island of the Lost, Tupaia, She Captains, and the Wiki Coffin mystery series, paints an epic drama of fortune-hunting in the South China Sea during the first two decades of the nineteenth century. The Money Ship is a fast-moving novel on a sprawling canvas that spans three oceans and a myriad of exotic ports. As the pages turn, Jerusha voyages from the smuggling and fishing port of Lewes, Sussex to Boston in its glittering heyday, then back to newly settled Singapore, until her quest for love and pirate treasure comes to a spine-chilling climax in the benighted lands of Borneo.

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David O’Neil recently released a new novel, Privateer. It is available worldwide in Paperback.

Sailing as a privateer under a Letter of Marque provided by the Governor of Jamaica, Robert Shaw recruits a crew of fearless sailors, mostly ex-navy, to attack and seize vessels of enemy nations. Success of such efforts can be rewarding with riches untold. Failure can bring death by hanging or worse. Robert and his crew are determined to succeed and along the way comes opportunities to rescue ladies in distress, slaves in bondage, and governments under siege. As Robert’s small navy continues to expand, so do the opportunities and so does the danger.From the pen of author David O’Neill, frequently compared to noted authors W.E.B. Griffin, Douglas Reeman and Robert Ludlum comes a fascinating saga of sea warfare, piracy, treasures, battles, romance and hand-to-hand fighting as Robert and his men are solicited by the Royal Navy to clean the seas of marauding pirates and treacherous government officials.

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League of Dragons (HC/K) | Historic Naval Fiction

Naomi Novik’s new book League of Dragons, part of her series which mixes naval fiction with dragons, is now available for pre-order. It will be released worldwide in various formats on 14 June 2016.

Napoleon’s invasion of Russia has been roundly thwarted. But even as Capt. William Laurence and the dragon Temeraire pursue the retreating enemy through an unforgiving winter, Napoleon is raising a new force, and he’ll soon have enough men and dragons to resume the offensive. While the emperor regroups, the allies have an opportunity to strike first and defeat him once and for all if internal struggles and petty squabbles don t tear them apart.

Aware of his weakened position, Napoleon has promised the dragons of every country and the ferals, loyal only to themselves vast new rights and powers if they fight under his banner. It is an offer eagerly embraced from Asia to Africa and even by England, whose dragons have long rankled at their disrespectful treatment.

But Laurence and his faithful dragon soon discover that the wily Napoleon has one more gambit at the ready one that that may win him the war, and the world.

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Review: Roland: Of Pirates and Patriots by Timothy Freriks | Historic Naval Fiction

Roland: Of Pirates and Patriots is a story about patriotism and the greed for gold. It follows the life of Roland who is a child when he witnesses the murder of his father and takes upon himself a plan to use stolen gold to purchase arms for the defence of America.

The narrative covers a number of years leading up to the war of 1812 as young Roland matures and seeks a method to convert the gold, hidden in England, into weapons that can be stored near Baltimore until they are needed for defence of the city. Sought by a former ships mate who wants the gold he enlists the help of both pirates and privateers to get the arms which are eventually needed during the War of 1812 after Washington has been burned and the British are advancing on Fort McHenry and Baltimore.

The various characters were well rounded and with the plot twists were woven into a well written narrative which I enjoyed reading.Recommended.

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The Downeaster (PB/K) | Historic Naval Fiction

Paul Thomas Fuhrman recently released The Downeaster: Deadly Voyage. It is available in paperback and for kindle download worldwide.

Faithfully based on a historical log of a challenging ‘round the Horn’ adventure in 1872, The Downeaster features riveting and authentic depictions of maritime history, and the development of a unique and enduring love relationship between the thoughtful yet godless captain and the high-spirited feminist Irish nurse. Ultimately, the transformation of the courageous, inexperienced, enthusiastic young apprentice into a highly skilled sailor with valor, dedication, integrity, (and a great new tattoo!) also occupies center stage, along with the torturous daily chores, antics, and tragedies that unfold for the rest of the crew.

The Downeaster provides armchair sailing at its best for both experienced seamen and any reader tantalized by unique adventure, the overcoming of adversity, displays of character, and self-discovery!

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Review: The Virgin of the Wind Rose by Glen Craney – Historic Naval Fiction

The nautical element of this book is based around a secret society, heirs to the Templars, under the control of Henry the Navigator and the voyages of Portuguese mariners known to history. Are they just explorers? Is Christopher Columbus who he seems to be? or are they trying to avoid the Tribulations of the Book of Revelation.

What they were doing is revealed through a parallel modern day plot as history repeats itself and the clues they left must be unravelled by State Department lawyer Jaq Quartermane and a roguish antiquities thief named Elymas.

The modern element is a similar basis, though unique plot, to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and is a page turner as the reader is eager to learn the next twist in the unfolding mystery.

Whilst the nautical element of this book is only minor it was a refreshing and interesting read which wove together a number of alternative history theories and historical locations I was not previously aware of in a very well written narrative which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Highly recommended.

Source: Review: The Virgin of the Wind Rose by Glen Craney – Historic Naval Fiction

Review: Water Ghosts by Linda Collison – Historic Naval Fiction

Although not from the classic age of sail Water Ghosts is set aboard a traditional Chinese Junk in the Pacific ocean which is being used as a sail training ship for troubled teenagers. The narrative starts off as a fairly conventional story about that  subject but slowly morphs into a fantasy adventure featuring the ghosts of the title. When the adults are lost the tenneagers must learn to work together is they are to survive.

It was an imaginative story with strong characterisations and a well written plot.

An enjoyable read which is recommended.

Source: Review: Water Ghosts by Linda Collison – Historic Naval Fiction

Landfalls (PB) – Historic Naval Fiction

Naomi J. Williams recently released a fictionalized account of the 18th-century Lapérouse expedition, Landfalls. It is available worldwide in Paperback, ebook and audio formats and will be released in Hardcover on 22 October 2015.

An epic voyage, undertaken with the grandest of ambitions.

When Lapérouse leaves France in the Spring of 1785 with two ships under his command, he knows that he sails with the full backing of the French government. This is to be a voyage of scientific and geographical discovery – but every person on board has their own hopes, ambitions and dreams.

As the ships move across vast distances in their journey of nearly four years, the different characters step forward and invite us into their world. From the remote Alaskan bay where a dreadful tragedy unfolds, to the wild journey Barthélemy de Lessups undertakes from the far east of Russia to St Petersburg, the reader sees the emotional, physical and mental toll exacted by such an endeavour.

Landfalls marks the launch of a brilliant new writer, who creates an unforgettable world through a web of voices and narratives.

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Water Ghosts (PB) – Historic Naval Fiction

Linda Collison has just released a new novel, Water Ghosts, for Young Adults. It is available worldwide in paperback.

“I see things other people don’t see; I hear things other people don’t hear.” Fifteen-year-old James McCafferty is an unwilling sailor aboard a traditional Chinese Junk operated as adventure-therapy for troubled teens. Once at sea, James believes the ship is being taken over by the spirits of courtiers who fled the Imperial palace during the Ming Dynasty, more than 600 years earlier, and sailing to its doom.

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Review: The Shantyman by Rick Spilman – Historic Naval Fiction

If you want to be taken to the deck of a clipper in the mountainous seas of a southern ocean gale, Rick Spilman is the author for you. His description of life at sea in such vessels are vivid and bring to life the conditions faced by the officers and crew of such vessels.

In his latest book, The Shantyman, he tells the story of one such crew, on the Alahambra, voyaging from Sydney to New York in 1870. Jack Barlow is hoisted aboard paralytic drunk but proves to be not just an able shantyman, but when the captain dies and the murderous mate is washed overboard, the man who will pull the crew together and as the new captain get them home. Facing the southern ocean ice and later a hurricane, he overcomes his tragic past to get them to safety and restart his life.

Successful, tragedy strikes again, but will the crew he has saved now rally round and manage to save him.

A fast paced and well written story of life at sea and also of New York at this time. Hard to put down and highly recommended.

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