The Threat in the East (K) – Historic Naval Fiction

Author Roger Burnage has just released the third book of The Merriman Chronicles, The Threat in the East. It is available for Kindle download worldwide.

The year is 1798 and it is known that Napoleon is putting a fleet and army together to attack Egypt, from where he might be able to threaten and even attack India to join with Tipu Sahib the ruler of Mysore, a known ally of the French. A British fleet under Admiral Nelson is hoping to intercept him but there is no word of their progress.

Merriman has been ordered to take the Treasury Agent Mr Grahame to Bombay where their orders are to help The East India Company protect their shipping from pirates and also to find out how far Tipu’s naval building has progressed.

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Britannia’s Reach (PB) – Historic Naval Fiction

Antoine Vanner has just released the second book in The Dawlish Chronicles, Britannia\’s Reach. It is now available in paperback worldwide.

It\’s November 1879 and on a broad river deep in the heart of South America, a flotilla of paddle steamers thrashes slowly upstream. It is laden with troops, horses and artillery, and intent on conquest and revenge. Ahead lies a commercial empire that was wrested from a British consortium in a bloody revolution. Now the investors are determined to recoup their losses and are funding a vicious war to do so. Nicholas Dawlish, is playing a leading role in the expedition. But as brutal land and river battles mark its progress upriver, and as both sides inflict and endure ever greater suffering, stalemate threatens. And Dawlish finds himself forced to make a terrible ethical choice if he is to return to Britain with some shreds of integrity remaining…

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Not Self but Country (K) – Historic Naval Fiction

David Perry has just released his first full length novel Not Self but Country: A New Nation Forges a New Navy. It is now available for kindle download worldwide.

This is a story of the men who sailed into battle against the mighty British Navy in their smaller, often obsolete vessels converted from merchant ships of the day — men with names such as John Barry, Richard Dale, and John Paul Jones.

Now you can experience the exploits of these men. At sea aboard a fragile wooden sailing ship of the Continental Navy, you find yourself fighting desperate battles against the world’s largest and most powerful Navy, Great Britain. Cover your ears! Cannons are firing everywhere — you cough on the pungent smoke, dodging and ducking as jagged oak splinters cartwheel past your eyes.

There is nonstop action in this exciting new book by a new author on the scene — David C. Perry. “Not Self but Country” is the first book in a planned new series telling the story of the infant US Navy.

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