An Honorable War (HC)

The latest book in Robert N. Macomber’s ‘Honor’ series, An Honorable War, is now available for pre-order in hardcover. It is due for release worldwide on 15 February 2017.Politics, love, and war swirl around Captain Peter Wake (USN) in Havana when the USS Maine explodes on a quiet evening in February, 1898. Working with Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt in the tense pre-war days, carrying out a perilous espionage mission inside Cuba, and leading a disastrous raid on the Cuban coast, Wake is in the middle of it all. This is the first of a dynamic trilogy set during the Spanish-American War in the Caribbean, when America changes forever into a global power.

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Review: The Fireships of Gerontas by Alan Lawrence

The Fireships of Gerontas is the second book in The Continuing Voyages of HMS Surprise series which is a homage to O’Brian’s work. As such it may appeal to some or alienate others, however, I prefer to read them just as naval fiction set against a background of events not widely covered by other authors, the Greek struggle for independence from Turkish rule.

The book, which follows on immediately from The Massacre of Innocents, consists ot two parts The first section covers the build up to and the next major naval battle against the Turkish and Egyptian fleets in which, as the title implies, the Greeks used fireships. This is followed by the voyage home of Surprise during which the crew have to endure one the worst storms ever to have reached English shores, the hurricane of November 1824.

The narratives of the battle and storm sequences were well written, as was the interplay between the various characters. Coupled with the refreshing setting this made it a good read. Whilst I review it as a stand alone work is should appeal to O’Brian fans. Recommended.

Source: Review: The Fireships of Gerontas by Alan Lawrence

A Treacherous Coast (HC)

The latest book in David Donachie’s ‘John Pearce’ series, A Treacherous Coast, is now available for pre-order in hardcover. It is due for release in the UK on 17 November 2016 but currently is not scheduled for US release until 14 April 2017.

1796. Pearce and his wife Emily are in living in Bath, when Minister of War Henry Dundas turns up and suggests a second mission to the Vendee, this time as a liaison between the French emigres intending to land in Brittany and the British naval and military commanders who will accompany them. The proposed expedition looks promising and Pearce takes the bait. Once at sea, however, Pearce and his crew encounter a French fleet and an indecisive battle ensues off the Ile de Groix. Pearce, accompanied by his faithful Pelicans, must go ashore into dangerous territory to check the lay of the land, find the allies and seek to co-ordinate actions in a situation where the forces of the Republic are gathering to crush the rebels …

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The Seventy-Four (K)

M. C. Muir has just released a new book in Under Admiralty Orders – The Oliver Quintrell Series, The Seventy-Four. It is available for Kindle download worldwide and will be available in paperback soon.

1805 – Rio de Janeiro – Captain Quintrell receives orders to return to England. He is to sail in company with a 74-gun third rate ship-of-the-line.Heading along the north coast of Brazil, the British ships encounter two French vessels – a frigate and a corvette, and a fierce fight erupts. When the damaged French frigate takes flight, Oliver Quintrell makes chase, recaptures the Frenchman and returns to the 74 with the prize in tow.Since leaving Rio, however, undercurrents of unrest have been simmering aboard the third rate. Treachery and insurrection, murder and mutiny must be put down and those responsible brought to account.

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The Bond of Duty (K)

Perry Comer recently released the next installment of the Donland series, The Bond of Duty: Donland and The Hornet. It is available worldwide for Kindle download.

The test of enemy fire refines a man’s courage. Duty refines a man’s character.Donland must face challenges by enemies at sea, calm seas and sudden fierce storms. The Caribbean and Windward Islands are beset with pirates and privateers plundering for themselves or their French masters. His greatest challenge lies in balancing his relationship as Hornet’s Captain with those he would call friend. He must sit idly by and observe the Battle of Grenada as French and English ships-of-line pound each other. The re-appearance of Sumerford leads to a risky rescue of ladies captured and held by a Spaniard on the Island of Margarita.

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