Review: Britannia’s Shark by Antoine Vanner – Historic Naval Fiction

Britannia’s Shark by Antoine Vanner continues the adventures of Commander Nicholas Dawlish, serving in the Royal Navy as the Victorian Era draws to a close. The series so far has explored the Turkish Navy and river conflict in Paraguay and this time we move to conflict with the Finian movement for Irish independance and their involvement with John Philip Holland who invented the first practical submarine.

The Finian’s are a threat to British interests but as they are operating in the US diplomatic neccessity means that no overt action can be taken. Dawlish soon finds himself headed for New York undercover with orders to stop them using the submarine against Britain. When he is unsuccesful he must follow them to Cuba and aid the revolutionaries to complete his mission.

This was an interesting read for it’s insights into both early submarine development and the situation in Cuba at the time.

As is now to be expected from Vanner this was a well written novel with a good plot that flowed smoothly holding my attention well. I continue to enjoy Dawlish’s adventures for their insights into the naval matters at this time and look forward to reading more. Both this book and the series as a whole are highy recommended.

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Kings and Emperors (HC) – Historic Naval Fiction

The latest Alan Lewrie novel by Dewey Lambdin titled Kings and Emperors, is now available for pre-order in hardcover worldwide. It will be released on 24 February 2015.

In Kings and Emperors, the twenty-first book in Dewey Lambdin’s beloved Alan Lewrie series, Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, is still in Gibraltar, his schemes for raids along the coast of Southern Spain shot to a halt. He is reduced to commanding a clutch of harbor defense gunboats in the bay while his ship, HMS Sapphire, slowly grounds herself on a reef of beef bones! Until Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of peaceful Portugal and his so-called collaborative march into Spain change everything, freeing Sapphire to roam against the King’s enemies once more!As kings are overthrown and popular uprisings break out all across Spain, Lewrie’s right back in the action, ferrying weapons to arm Spanish patriots, scouting within close gun range of the impregnable fort of Ceuta, escorting the advance units of British expeditionary armies to aid the Spanish, and even going ashore to witness the first battles between Sir Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, and Napoleon’s best Marshals, as the long Peninsular War that broke Imperial France begins to unfold.From Cadiz to La Coruna, Lewrie and Sapphire will be there as history explodes!

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Lady Castaways (K) – Historic Naval Fiction

Joan Druett has just released a new book, Lady Castaways, available for kindle download worldwide. It will be released in paperback shortly.


It was not just the men who lived on the brink of peril when under sail at sea. Lucretia Jansz, who was enslaved as a concubine in 1629, was just one woman who endured a castaway experience. Award-winning historian Joan Druett (Island of the Lost, The Elephant Voyage), relates the stories of women who survived remarkable challenges, from heroines like Mary Ann Jewell, the “governess” of Auckland Island in the icy sub-Antarctic, to Millie Jenkins, whose ship was sunk by a whale.

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Review: A Pirate’s Tale: The Sea Fox by Gary Robert Muschla – Historic Naval Fiction

Accused of a papist plot in Reastoration England Jon Nostrum, son of a knight, wakes to find himself as a seaman aboard a ship owned by Edmund Stanton a ruthless Jamaican businessman who has coerced Kath Ellis.

To escape Stanton the crew mutiny and Jon finds he now has a new career as a pirate captain with a powerful enemy bent on revenge. But how will the intervention of Sir Henry Morgan, former buccaneer and now Governor of Jamaia, affect things.

At it’s heart this is a fairly standard will the girl run off with the pirate plot but it is very well written with a storyline that is well paced with rounded characters that are far more believable than some of the Pirates of the Carribbean caricatures. I enjoyed reading it and would purchase a sequel if one were written.


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The Guinea Boat (K) – Historic Naval Fiction

Alaric Bond has just released a new stand alone novel, The Guinea Boat. It is available worldwide for Kindle download and will be available in paperback shortly.

Set in Hastings, Sussex during the early part of 1803, The Guinea Boat tells the story of two young lads, and the diverse paths they take to make a living on the water. Britain is still at an uneasy peace with France, but there is action and intrigue a plenty along the south-east coast. Private fights and family feuds abound; a hot press threatens the livelihoods of many, while the newly re-formed Sea Fencibles begin a careful watch on Bonaparte’s ever growing invasion fleet. And to top it all, free trading has grown to the extent that it is now a major industry, and one barely kept in check by the efforts of the preventive men.

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Blackwell’s Homecoming (PB/K) – Historic Naval Fiction

The third book in V. E. Ulett’s Blackwell’s Adventures was recentlyy released. Blackwell’s Homecoming is now available worldwide in paperback and for kindle download.

In a multigenerational saga of love, war and betrayal, Captain Blackwell and Mercedes continue their voyage in Volume III of Blackwell’s Adventures. The Blackwell family’s eventful journey from England to Hawaii, by way of the new and tempestuous nations of Brazil and Chile, provides an intimate portrait of family conflicts and loyalties in the late Georgian Age. Blackwell’s Homecoming is an evocation of the dangers and rewards of desire

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The Threat in the Baltic (K) – Historic Naval Fiction

Roger Burnage recently released the next installment of The Merriman Chronicles, The Threat in the Baltic. It is available worldwide for Kindle download.

In the Spring of the year 1800, Captain Merriman and his frigate Lord Stevenage return home from India after being involved with the East India Company in the destruction of a pirate fleet. A treaty between Russia, Norway and Denmark threatens to cut the supply of timber and other supplies desperately needed by the navy so on Admiralty orders he is now to prepare for a voyage to the Baltic, to Copenhagen to try and find out about the defences of that town and harbour. So once again he is involved with Mr Grahame the treasury agent in secret, spying activities against England’s enemies.Back at the Admiralty in London to report his findings about Copenhagen’s defences and depths of water in the main channels, he meets Admiral Horatio Nelson who asks the Admiralty to send Merriman with him as part of his fleet to the Baltic. With his knowledge he will be needed.The battle of Copenhagen ensues in April 1801 where the fleet action causes the Danes to surrender. Merriman is then ordered to go further into the Baltic to find a French warship reported to be there. He finds it but it is a plague ship so he burns and sinks it before returning to London with Nelson’s reports.

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