The Invasion Year (HC)

Although it is not due for release until 18 January 2011 the latest Alan Lewrie novel by Dewey Lambdin titled The Invasion Year is now available for pre-order in hardcover worldwide.

The smashing series featuring the roguish Captain Alan Lewrie continues with The Invasion Year. After reluctantly saving the last French citizens left on rebellious Haiti, Lewrie finds himself invited back to London to receive honors from the King. Thanks to King George III and his uncertain mental state, the moment ends with a surprise for Lewrie—if not for King himself!

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Richard Spilman Review: The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V. S. Redick

Originally published on the The Old Salt BlogI recently had recommended to me Robert Redick’s The Red Wolf Conspiracy, a fantasy epic which is almost exclusively set aboard the Imperial Merchant Ship Chathard, a 600 year old sailing ship of immerse proportions and age that sets out on a mission of mystery and intrigue with a huge crew and equally large and varied cast of characters.

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Astrodene Review: A Battle Won by S. Thomas Russell

A Battle Won by S. Thomas Russell, continues the adventures of Charles Hayden, the son of an English naval captain and a French mother. His hopes for a new command following his promotion to Master and Commander are dashed when the Port Admiral sends him back into his former ship, the frigate Themis, as a “job-captain” with orders to deliver the ship to Admiral Hood in the Mediterranean following which he will again be unemployed. Despite the lateness of the season the ship must join the escort of a convoy across the Bay of Biscay and the ships reputation as a “mutiny ship” soon finds his in conflict with the other escort captains.

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An Interview with S. Thomas Russell

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with S. Thomas Russell who’s new book A Battle Won is now available worldwide.

What can you tell us about Charles Hayden’s new adventures in A Battle Won without spoiling the plot for readers?

Poor Hayden is sent to deliver the Themis to Admiral Lord Hood in the Med and as convoy escort to Gibraltar. Not only is his convoy pursued by an enemy squadron but his commander has been given a report on his character from Captain Hart. It does not go well. He’s then sent off to Corsica to help oust the French from that island. There is a lot of action and period detail in this book.

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‘Private Browsing’ Not So Much – PCWorld

Security researchers have revealed that ‘private browsing’ modes on web browsers, which are designed to remove all traces of the sites a user has visited, can leak information.

A study by Dan Boneh from Stanford University which is due to be presented at the Usenix Security Symposium in the U.S. next week claims that many browser add-ons or website security measures stop the ‘private browsing’ mode from working properly.

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Astrodene Review: Under Enemy Colours by S. Thomas Russell

This first book in the Maritime adventures of Charles Hayden soon had me turning the pages. Hayden, is a young lieutenant, the son of an English father and a French mother which has held back his career. When he joins his new ship, the frigate Themis, under the command of Captain Josiah Hart, the officers and men seem at odds with the captain and near to mutiny.Hayden stuggles to maintain order and get the ship into the war without the support of his captain and you are soon wondering whose side he will take in the internal conflict.

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