An Interview with Chris Fasolino – Historic Naval Fiction

Historic Naval Fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with Chris Fasolino whose new novel, Men of Promise, was released in August 2015.

What can you tell us about your book Men of Promise without spoiling the plot for readers?

Men of Promise is about a voyage of exploration to the South China Sea. The idea for the book really came from my realization that voyages of exploration, an exciting part of maritime history, have not received as much attention in fiction as naval warfare has. I think that a novel, and hopefully a series, focused on exploration will bring something new to the seafaring genre while staying true to its swashbuckling spirit. And the South China Sea, with its fabled dangers of pirates, typhoons, and coral reefs– all of which are important in Men of Promise– is an exciting setting for a nautical adventure.

The character of the hero, Captain Bowman West, is also an important part of the novel. As the story begins, West is a Royal Navy captain recovering from nearly fatal wound. He loves the ocean, but is weary of warfare; so, with the help of an old friend in the Admiralty, he determines that his next voyage will be one of discovery. West has a sense of curiousity that makes him appreciative of the exotic places that he visits, and he has the ability to use his wits, as well as his courage, in dealing with the dangers of the journey.

The book is the first in a proposed series. What are your future plans for it?

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