The Marvellous Sea K – Historic Naval Fiction

A new book in Peter Smalley’s popular ‘HMS Expedient’ series has been long awaited. The Marvellous Sea which continues the adventured of Captain William Rennie and Lieutenant, James Hayter was recently released and is now available in ebook format only.

The year is 1793 and while England mobilises her navy and looks East across the Channel and into the Mediterranean, a mission is being planned by Mr. Brough Mappin, administrator of the Secret Service Fund.

Once again in command of the frigate HMS Expedient 36 Captain William Rennie and his Lieutenant, James Hayter, find themselves under secret orders and with an independent commission steering a course deep into the South Atlantic.

Their objective, a resource all parties to this war will need in great quantity, has fueled the dreams of men as well and William Rennie is no exception.

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