Daedalus and The Deep (K) – Historic Naval Fiction

Just released by a new author to the genre, Matthew Willis, is an HNF novel with a fantasy element, Daedalus and The Deep. It is currently available for download on Kindle and will be released in paperback format shortly.

For Midshipman Colyer of the corvette HMS Daedalus, life is a constant struggle: savage pirates in the South China Sea, an erratic Captain, and a First Lieutenant guarding a personal secret. But the voyage of the Daedalus takes a stranger turn when the ship encounters a giant sea-serpent in the South Atlantic, and is plunged into a headlong pursuit of the creature in the name of science, personal glory, and the promise of fortune. But as the quest leads further into the cold wastes of the Southern Ocean, becoming ever more dangerous, Colyer begins to wonder just who is hunting whom? The sea-serpent’s purpose could turn out to be more sinister than anyone on board the Daedalus imagined.

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