New Hornblower Novel – Historic Naval Fiction

C. S. Forester is one of the most famous and popular authors in Age of Sail naval fiction, and shortly after his death in 1966 his final unfinished work, Hornblower and the Crisis, was published. Although there were some notes on what was intended to happen many fans of the series were disappointed.

Now is seems John Mahon, with the support of Forester’s sons, has taken up the challenge of filling in the gaps and the result is The Jamaican Affair of 1805, released on Kindle.

George Forester says “John Mahon is an older fan of Hornblower with an inventive mind. This book, which takes off from, but in no way copies, the unfinished last book by C.S.Forester, Hornblower During the Crisis, was a challenge to himself which he accepted. We think he did a fine job. We hope you enjoy it.”

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