An Interview with David Wesley Hill – Historic Naval Fiction

Historic Naval Fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with David Wesley Hill whose novel At Drake’s Command will be released in November

What can you tell us about At Drake’s Command without spoiling the plot for readers?

At Drake’s Command tells the tale of Peregrine James, a young cook who signs aboard the Pelican, a galleon commanded by Francis Drake, in 1577. The Pelican is the flagship of a fleet of five vessels bound ostensibly for Alexandria to trade in currants. Soon, however, Perry learns that the real destination of the adventure lies elsewhere, although the exact particulars are secret. As the expedition sails down the coast of Africa toward the Cape Verde Islands, it becomes clear that he has joined a pirate band rather than a peaceful company of merchants. After being kidnapped by Moors, marooned in Barbary, and hung three times from the mainmast spar, it also becomes clear to Perry that it is unwise to be both insignificant and expendable when you are serving so perilous a master as Captain Francis Drake.

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