What’s happened to …? – Historic Naval Fiction

I have only been running this site for a few years but in that period there have been a lot of new authors writing naval and nautical fiction and it is apparently an increasingly popular genre. Many authors seem to be writing a series, with a new book coming out about the same time each year, and this gains them a loyal following. Whilst such books seldom end with a specific cliffhanger they do usually follow someones career and the loyal reader want’s to know what happens next.

It’s always nice to hear from fellow fans of the genre, and the question I’m asked most is “What’s happened to …?” or “When will the next book in the ….. series be out?” when that expected next book fails to appear. Unfortunately the answer is all to often ‘I wish I knew’.

Today it is mostly asked about Peter Smalley and his popular HMS Expedient series whilst a few years ago it was G. S, Beard and his series about John Fury.

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