“…our flag was still there” (PB) – Historic Naval Fiction

Covering the land as well as the sea campaigns, William H. White has a new book recently released in paperback, “…our flag was still there”: The Sea History Press Guide to the War of 1812 – Its History and Bicentennial Commemorations. It is currently only available in the US.

As we approach the bicentennial of the War of 1812, “…our flag was still there” will explore the issues that led up to the declaration of war, political tensions, events and the key players. Maritime historian and award-winning author William H. White will guide readers through the highlights of both the land campaigns and the sea battles and answer the questions: “What really happened?” and “Why does it matter?” “…our flag was still there” also serves as a guidebook to the upcoming bicentennial celebrations across the country.

via “…our flag was still there” (PB) – Historic Naval Fiction.