An Interview with B. N. Peacock – Historic Naval Fiction

Historic Naval Fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with B. N. Peacock on the release of her new book, the first in The Great War series, A Tainted Dawn.What can you tell us about your new book A Tainted Dawn, without spoiling the plot for the readers?A Tainted Dawn plays on Wordsworths famous quote about the start of the French Revolution:Bliss was it in that dawn to be aliveBut to be young was very heaven!It was the dawn of an age when utopia seemed there for the taking. Equality of all men and freedom were heady stuff, but the old class systems and national rivalries remained very much in place. England and Spain were ready to go to war over trading rights in the Pacific Northwest , with France likely to side with its old ally Spain against its old enemy England. Then there is the private war between aristocratic English Edward and French law student turned revolutionary Louis, with working class English Jemmy caught in between. Simultaneously, the three struggle to define their manhood and come to grips with what man, manhood, and equality mean. In the end, youthful dreams and idealism clash with reality, threatening to taint the dawn of their young lives—with blood.

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