Roger Marsh Review: HMS Warrior – Ironclad – Historic Naval Fiction

This is one of the first books published in Seaforth’s own ‘Historic Ships’ series, the other volume published alongside it during 2011 having been on the subject of HMS Victory. The publisher’s aim in this series is to guide the reader on a superbly illustrated tour of a ship from bow to stern, from keel to masthead and deck-by-deck.

Visually, they have certainly succeeded in no uncertain fashion. Geoff Dennison’s photography is indeed superb, both above and below decks as well as outside the ship, and the reproduction does his work justice, printed in high quality on excellent paper even though this is, nominally, a paperback. Beginning with an account of the ship’s concept, design, history and preservation, the feast of Geoff Dennison’s pictorial tour starts on page 30, after some fine introductory illustrations, and continues through to the end of the book on p. 128.

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