Honorable Lies (HC) – Historic Naval Fiction

Author Robert N Macomber has a new novel, Honorable Lies, which will be released worldwide in hardcover on 15 Septemnber 2012. It is now available for pre-order.

It’s September 1888, and Commander Peter Wake, Office of Naval Intelligence, has five days to rescue his two captured operatives from a dungeon in Spanish colonial Havana. But his plan quickly falls apart on the first day when long-time nemesis Colonel Isidro Marrón, head of Spanish counter-intelligence, springs a deadly trap that Wake can’t avoid. Huguenots, Freemasons, the beautiful actress Sarah Bernhardt, the re-election of President Grover Cleveland, and Cuban patriot José Martí are all part of the desperate action as Peter Wake uses innovation and experience to defy the odds.

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