Reefs and Shoals (HC)

The latest Alan Lewrie novel by Dewey Lambdin titled Reefs and Shoals, due for release on 17 January 2012, is now available for pre-order in hardcover worldwide.

Pity poor Captain Alan Lewrie, RN! He’s been wind-muzzled for weeks in Portsmouth, snugly tucked into a warm shore bed with lovely, and loving, Lydia Stangbourne, a Viscount’s daughter, and beginning to enjoy indulging his idle streak, when Admiralty tears Lewrie away and orders him to the Bahamas, into the teeth of ferocious winter storms. It’s enough to make a rake-hell such as he weep and kick furniture! At least his new orders allow Lewrie to form a small squadron from what ships he can dredge up at Bermuda and New Providence and hoist his first broad pendant, even if it is the lesser version, and style himself a Commodore

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