HMS Victory Owner’s Workshop Manual (HC)

Peter Goodwin has a new book out  which is now available for pre-order in hardcover, HMS Victory Owner’s Workshop Manual: An Insight Into Owning, Operating and Maintaining the Royal Navy’s Oldest and Most Famous Warship. Release date 1 April 2012.

Using the tried and tested formula HMS Victory, now available in the Haynes manual format, is probably the most famous surviving historic warship in the world today. She was flagship to Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, when he was killed on her quarter deck by a sniper’s bullet in Britain’s hour of victory. Maritime historian and former HMS Victory Keeper and Curator Peter Goodwin tells the story of Nelson’s flagship, giving fascinating insights into how she was built, her anatomy and weaponry, and how a ship of the line in the Georgian navy was sailed, fought and maintained.

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