A review: Of Honest Fame by M. M. Bennetts

This book starts in the summer of 1812 on the eve of Napoleon’s fateful advance into Russia. For those who read the author’s previous book, May 1812, it will have a familiar feel as it continues the story of some of the characters and places. But there the similarity, in terms of plot, ends. May 1812 can be described as a romance with a smattering of espionage whilst Of Honest Fame is an out-and-out espionage thriller, with a smattering of romance, as operatives of the Foreign Office try to find out what is going on abroad whilst defending against French counter-espionage at home.

As before Bennett’s ability to hold the reader’s attention, eager to know what happens next, as the plot threads of several characters join and separate shines through.

This author deserves to be better known and with a main stream publisher and I look forward to whaterver is coming next. Highly recommended.