An Interview with Chris Scott Wilson

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with Chris Scott Wilson on the relaunch as an ebook of his novel Scarborough Fair.

What can you tell us about Scarborough Fair without spoiling the plot for readers?

I don’t need to tell you about the plot because the book description does that, but one of the things that interests me about life is things are rarely what they appear to be. You can stand with your nose pressed up against the window, looking in, but what you think you see may not be what is there at all. And most things are a lot more difficult to achieve than you could possibly imagine. But some men conquer all the obstacles between them and their objective by sheer guts and determination and most often because they just won’t quit. By current standards, wooden sailing ships were small, but manned by several hundred men all living in each other’s pockets. Every man has his dreams, and each thinks they can do it better than the next, whether they actually can or not. There are those who admire and those who are jealous, and then there are those who will support and those who will rebel, but most importantly there are those who will follow, but the really special ones will lead. Quite often it is impossible to divine exactly what quality they have, but it is usually described as magnetism which enables them to draw other men to them who will do their bidding. But there is no commander better than one who will lead from the front, and John Paul Jones was such a man.

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