An Interview with M. Kei

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with M. Kei who’s new book Heart of Oak will be available shortly worldwide.

What can you tell us about your new book, Heart of Oak, without spoiling the plot for readers?

It wraps up the story arcs and personal issues that have been running through the series. The four books of Pirates of the Narrows Seas taken together tell a complete tale. When I start the next one, it will launch a new set of story lines.

Heart of Oak features the derring do that is the trademark of the series: ship battles, duels, political skullduggery, and adventures and misadventures of various sorts. The Spanish attack Gibraltar. The Amphitrite is the target of a Spanish cutting out raid. Captain Horner and Peter Thorton spring into action to save Duke Henrique from an assassination attempt. There’s an earthquake and fire. Shipwrecks. Thorton makes some bad decisions–usually instigated by Roger Perry–and pays the price for them. His love life is a wreck. He catches small pox. We meet some new characters, such as Colonel Karolyi, the impetuous hussar who is willing to make love or fight a duel at the slightest provocation. Old characters return, like Captain Tangle and Shakil bin Nakih, while the blind commander, Alan Abby, has some adventures of his own. Various characters we’ve come to know are promoted, find true love, married off, die, or otherwise receive their just (or unjust) desserts.

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