An Interview with M. Howard Morgan

strodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with M. Howard Morgan who’s new book First Fleet is now available for Kindle and will be available in paperback later in the year.What can you tell us about First Fleet without spoiling the plot for readers?My telling of the story had to have two main characters, there had to be a simple ‘love story’ woven into the fabric of the tale, but it also had to set a background to further writing. It was a fantastic voyage and social experiment to undertake, even for the time. It so nearly failed, but the result is Australia.The story takes two young people, of very different backgrounds and by different paths, to find each other and perhaps themselves, when reunited in New Holland. The marine detachment in New Holland fought no battles, won no honours, but did distinguish itself in a sense. Discipline did not disintegrate completely, quite a remarkable achievement in the circumstances. First Fleet attempts to tell something of the voyage – really the first mass migration in British history and allow me to develop the main characters for a second, but very different book.

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