An Interview with Les Eldridge

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with Les Eldridge who’s new book The Pride of Pascagoula is now available in paperback in the US and as an ebook worldwide.

What can you tell us about Rory Dunbrody and Tobias St. John’s new adventures in The Pride of Pascagoula , without spoiling the plot for readers?

This novel completes the American Civil War portion of the saga, and returns the lads to the Pacific Northwest where the tale began. Tobias and Rory experience the chilling waters of the English Channel off Cherbourg as the Kearsarge sinks the Alabama. Rory survives the sinking, thanks to Tobias. Then, Confederate Navy Secretary Stephen Mallory sends Rory and a cadre of Rebel officers to the Pacific to arm a raider in Victoria, British Columbia, intent on capturing a Union gold shipment from San Francisco. They aid the CSS Shenandoah in attacks on Union whalers, while Tobias is aboard a Union sloop of war in hot pursuit, determined to defend the whaling fleet against destruction.

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