An Interview with William C. Hammond

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with William C. Hammond who’s new book For Love of Country, due out in October, is now available for pre-order worldwide.

What can you tell us about Richard Cutler’s new adventures in For Love of Country, without spoiling the plot for readers?

For Love of Country is set in the years 1786 to 1789. It is a time when the United States has an ever expanding merchant fleet but no navy to protect its fleet or trade routes. As such, the Barbary States of North Africa prey on American shipping by seizing ships and cargo, and by holding American sailors hostage until ransoms and tributes are paid. One such prisoner is a Cutler family member and Richard Cutler sails to Algiers to try to rescue him and his shipmates. Quickly finding himself in a viper’s den of intrigue and deceit involving many nations, Richard’s schooner fights a vicious battle against two heavily armed Arab xebecs. Victorious at sea, Richard travels to France, his mission to report to John Paul Jones, President Washington’s choice for U.S. emissary to the Barbary States. As the French Revolution erupts, Richard flees Paris in a desperate attempt to save a former lover and her two young daughters from the guillotine.

via An Interview with William C. Hammond.