An Interview with Michael Aye

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with Michael Aye who’s new book Seahorse is now available worldwide.

Your new novel in the Fighting Anthonys series, SeaHorse, has just been released. What can you tell us without spoiling the plot for the readers?

First of all SeaHorse is somewhat of a tribute to the World War II hero, who was a first mate on a crash boat, SeaHorse, in the Pacific. The original title was to have been HMS Peregrine (which is a type of Falcon). When I read an article on this amazing man I knew I had to pay tribute to his memory, so the focus of the story changed to include his character. (My next book will be entitled Peregrine.) SeaHorse begins with the Anthonys back home in England. Gil is enjoying time with his wife and little girl. Gabe is facing a conflict of emotion. His ship is suddenly found to be unseaworthy, which is depressing, while at the same time he’s preparing to wed Faith and begin a new life with his love. Then a needful nation calls. Admiral Lord Anthony has just returned from Gabe’s wedding when the Admiralty’s messenger arrives. Lord Anthony has been given command of His Majesty’s ships in the Windward Islands. He and Gabe set sail with a new squadron to face old enemies, personal tragedies, daring privateers, and the French, who have signed an alliance with the determined American colonies. The book continues to provide action, romance, and humor. Critiques thus far have been positive with a number of them stating that they like the interpersonal relationships of the characters.

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