An Interview with Alaric Bond (2010)

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with Alaric Bond, author of the ‘Fighting Sail’ series, ahead of the publication of his new novel True Colours which will be released shortly.

What can you tell us about ‘True Colours’ without spoiling the plot for readers?

It follows ‘The Jackass Frigate’, opening in the spring of 1797. Jervis has won the Battle of Cape St Vincent, although the British no longer sail the Mediterranean. The story continues with Pandora, returning to an England plagued by problems; the Channel Fleet are rumoured to have mutinied, and the newly instigated Batavian Republic stand ready to support a French invasion fleet. Admiral Duncan has charge of the North Sea Squadron, although the vessels he commands are decidedly second rate; some being converted from merchants, and all in need of a refit.

via An Interview with Alaric Bond (2010).