Google buffs Chrome privacy in new beta –

Google has improved privacy features and introduced automated translation of foreign-language web pages in a new version of its Chrome 4.1 beta browser for Windows.

Users can now control how the browser handles cookies, images, JavaScript, plug-ins and pop-ups on a site-by-site basis, the company said on the release of the new beta version on Tuesday. For example, they can decide whether to allow cookies only from trusted sites.

“Browsers are perhaps the most important piece of software for computer users today,” said Google’s Munich engineering director Wieland Holfelder in a statement. “With the new release, we also give users even more choice and control over their own privacy while surfing the web.”

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  1. new version looks promising .. but I am still waiting for more control on browsing history .. they have added a new history API, so we should see more plugins for this coming up 🙂

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