An Interview with Mark Keating

Astrodene’s Historic Naval fiction is pleased to have obtained an Interview with Mark Keating, author of the recently released The Pirate Devlin.

What inspired you to begin writing?

It was mostly out of frustration. I was in one of those lulls where I didn’t have a book primed and wanted to try something different. I tried to find some pirate fiction, as a change of pace, but came up short on finding any that satisfied. I thought that if there wasn’t one that engaged me I’d try and write one. I’d never written anything before but I knew what I liked to read so I did it out of pleasure thinking it would just be a pastime. It wasn’t that I thought I could write, just that I had no reason to believe that I couldn’t.

After a few weeks I was enjoying it so much that every evening stretched way past midnight and when I was about halfway through I gave it to some friends and they came back with positive responses and they wanted more.

I think that’s the hardest part of writing: the moment when you give it to someone else for, what is essentially, judgement. I never thought that the first book I wrote would be picked up within two weeks of my finishing it. It’s still a blur. I’ve been lucky.

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