Google Chrome 4.0 – Full Review – Reviews by PC Magazine

The major advantage Firefox users have claimed over Google Chrome is the ability to customize their browser by choosing from a vast library of extensions. But that advantage falls away with the introduction of extension support in Google Chrome 4. Sure, the library is far behind Firefox’s in sheer numbers, but at 1,500 on the first day, Google Chrome looks likely to narrow the gap pretty quickly. Version 4 also adds bookmark syncing, something that’s been available in minor browser competitor Opera for over a year, and the Google Chrome 4 has even faster JavaScript performance—impressive in a browser that’s already far and away speed the leader!

The overriding philosophy of Google’s Chrome browser can be summed up in one word: speed. I’m not just talking about its speed in surfing the Web, but also the speed at which new versions come out. Just over a year after the first release, we’re already at version 4. Google representatives try to downplay version numbers, probably since they’re not comparable with those of competitors like Firefox—just at version 3.6 after six long years. And Chrome’s version increments can’t be compared with Firefox or Internet Explorer’s in terms of the number of new features you typically see when they go up by a full version number.

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