Microsoft to delete Yahoo search data after 3 months

Microsoft will have to follow Yahoo’s policy of keeping search data for three months if the Microhoo 10-year partnership goes through later this year. That means the Microsoft will have to delete any personal data it gets from the Yahoo after three months.

Earlier this week, Microsoft decided to comply with the EU’s request to cut down search data retention to six months. At the time, we also noted that Google keeps its data for nine months and Yahoo keeps data for three months. Naturally, Yahoo was pleased it was winning at least one aspect of the search war, so it sent over the following statement to us.

“Yahoo! is extremely proud of our Data Anonymization Policy which has received wide support and affirms our commitment to help protect our users’ privacy,” a Yahoo spokesperson told Ars. “Yahoo!’s policy both dramatically reduces the time we hold personal data and increases the scope of log data covered under the policy.”

We followed up with the company about a Bing-Yahoo deal. “Microsoft will need to comply with Yahoo! policies for data we convey to them,” a Yahoo spokesperson told Ars.

via Microsoft to delete Yahoo search data after 3 months.