France warns against Internet Explorer use – Telegraph

France has followed Germany’s lead, and has advised computer users to download a different web browser after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was found to contain a critical security flaw.

France has now followed Germany’s lead in advising computer users to use an alternative web browser to Internet Explorer after a security flaw was detected

The French government issued an advisory to computer users, recommending that they switch to a different web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. It follows a similar move by the German government, after it was discovered that Internet Explorer contained a serious security flaw that could be exploited by hackers and cybercriminals.

Microsoft last week admitted that its Internet Explorer browser was the weak link in recent attacks by hackers who pried in to the email accounts of human rights activists in China. But the company said that the German government had over-reacted about the threat posed by the vulnerability, and that general users were not at risk.

via France warns against Internet Explorer use – Telegraph.